Potential Mentorship Placements

We have opportunities in different areas of social, health promotion and community development services. Some of our opportunities are not listed as many times we are able to match your skills with additional placements in the sector that have not been posted.


  1. Policy Review Development Program Assistant
  2. Family Resource Facilitator Assistant
  3. Income Tax Assistant
  4. Community House Promotions and Admin Assistant
  5. Michele Heights Community Development Assistant
  6. Front desk, outreach and client information assistant/Réceptionniste – Accueil de la réception du CRCBV
  7. Volunteer Program Coordinator
  8. Community House Program Assistant
  9. Community Health  Outreach and Project Coordinator Assistant
  10. Community Health/Health Admin/Social Media Assistant
  11. Community House Program Assistant
  12. Admin Assistant
  13. Promotion Day Program and luncheon Assistant
  14. Low Income Tax Clinic Assistant
  15. Resettlement Services Coordination Assistant

The application process has changed.

Thank you for your interest in the Internationally Trained Professionals (ITP) Mentorship Program. The application process has changed. Please contact us by telephone at 613-288-3880 or by email at employment.info@pqchc.com in order to schedule an appointment to assess eligibility/suitability for the ITP Mentorship Program as well as other employment services offered by Pinecrest-Queensway CHC Employment Services.

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